Ecommerce Statistics for 2022

By the beginning of 2021, ecommerce sales hit $4.891 billion. In 2024, experts say we’ll have jumped to around $6.388 billion per year.

The demand for flexible, simple, and convenient buying opportunities has been growing for years now. Since the arrival of the first online stores, companies have rapidly begun closing brick-and-mortar locations in favor of more cost-effective online entities.

According to the latest statistics, the global share of ecommerce in retail trade leapt from 14% in 2019 to 17% in 2020.

Ecommerce statistics: General market statistics

  • 95% of purchases will happen online by 2040
  • Credit cards and digital payment systems are most common for online shopping
  • 2.14 billion people are shopping online.
  • There are an estimate 12-124 million ecommerce sites worldwide

Ecommerce statistics: Buyer Behavior

  • Lack of free shipping is the most common reason to avoid a purchase
  • 43% of Americans shop online in bed
  • Amazon is the top competitor to ecommerce stores for millennials
  • 33.6% of customers look up price comparisons while in a store
  • 81% of customers research their product before purchasing
  • 81% of customers trust the advice of their friends and family first
  • Localized language is essential to global purchases

Ecommerce Statistics: Ecommerce trends

  • 3 out of 4 consumers buy from their smartphones
  • Online stores with a social media presence have up to 32% more sales on average
  • Customers referred to an ecommerce store by Instagram have an average order value of $65
  • AI, Bots, and Automation make eCommerce More Effective
  • 35% of customers say they’d shop online more often if they could virtually try a product before buying it.
  • Personalization can increase revenue by 25%
  • The pandemic has increased the need for ecommerce transactions

Ecommerce Statistics: Conversions Online

  • The average conversion rate of ecommerce websites is 2.58%
  • Around two-thirds of customers stop buying from a company due to bad CX
  • 69.57% of shopping carts are abandoned
  • Cart Abandonment goes up when you require account creation at checkout
  • 18% of customers abandon checkout pages that are too complicated
  • Companies can reduce cart abandonment with shipping options

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